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427 Shelby cobra replica





electronic stack injection

polished aluminum body

detailed beyond compare...

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 MSD Crank trigger - after many calls and triple checks of the part number, it is clear they did not engineer this well. There is no way to align the sensor to the total timing... so, it is back to the drawing board to create a new bracket that FITS the FE engine. Here is the new aluminum bracket that allows the sensor to drop low enough to miss the belt and align with the magnet on the trigger wheel at 36 degrees total timing. Now that I have the pattern, I will clean it up the design and carve another one without the unused holes.  
After many trial and error designs for a throttle cable linkage, I finally came up with one that appears to work. Here are the many test parts All the cuts are made and fit up is underway I welded 3 pcs. until I found the angle I liked. Now the brackets will go on to give it the support for a solid throttle response Everything is welded
and ground

 Slap some primer on in and fit it up before sending it to be coated Time to install the cable    


I found the bearing I used did not provide the tolerances that I felt should be used in an engine like this.  So I machined a new bushing and enlarged the retainer bearing. With that change, the reassembly begins Just so I can have the cam sync pointed in the right direction (the anal side of my comes out again), it took me 30 minutes to fit it up. Seen here with the polished aluminum cap and ready to plug to the computer.
Back from the coater, after 2 months+ of trial and error with the white ceramic coating Side pipes look quite sharp and I can say it is the only car in existence to have satin gloss finished ceramic headers and sidepipes. With the pearl white wheels and  (soon to be added stripes/roundels), the combination is really coming together nicely. The new vacuum block is polished and ready for installation.



After 20 hours of weld touch up and de-burring of the side pipes.  First fit up Original vacuum chamber and throttle post assembly - soon to machine a larger version Original 58mm TWM induction air box... To be replaced with a custom hand formed aluminum air box Helpers... It is hard to find good help these days.

 Fit up of custom battery tray. This was designed and custom made to fit state of the art dry cell batteries Battery fit up Beginning the permanent mounting brackets before pulling it all out to be powder coated. Subtle changes - oil lines, custom offset alternator bracket


 Custom made cam sync and oil plug made from billet aluminum. I have extras available.. Interior of the side pipe.. note the core size of the muffler is 3" for low restriction = more power  Engine fit up with working valve covers... don't want to scratch the actual covers.  Fit up of the customer mandrel bent headers... Note the quality ... NO WELDS.  Now they are ready for coating


A little dusty but coming together with the engine install a few months back


Close up of the Tremec TKO600 Custom fit clutch pedal for proper angle and clutch pressure. Ready for Transmission Install

Test fitting custom parts before polishing and color are added. Crank Trigger Fitting

Color Study for engine theme... A version of the white option was chosen to match the pearl white stripes

Test fitting clutch and injection

April-May 2005

Body after initial polishing Trunk - All Aluminum! McLeod Hydraulic throw-out Bearing. New design to eliminate leaking Engine compartment

TWM Injection just arrived

Synch - O-ring fitting and cap

Body after initial polishing Fit up for shipping